My clients tell me many stories about our graduates, well, I saw it with my own eyes. A cat named Vasya was presented to my nephews as a family 2 years ago, triplets boys loving to play Lego. When them mother, told me that Vasya was playing lego with the boys, I smiled))

Once I was visiting them, the boys sat down to play the classic Lego Vasya sat nearby, when the boys started a dispute: “your took the window from me and you took the steering wheel from me” Vasya the cat sitting and looking it.

He is then got up and found in the heap of the constructor Lego, first the window, took a paw and pushed it to Michael. Michael answered thank you, Vasya))), then Vasya found the steering wheel and brought it in the teeth and give to Ivan. It surprised me so much. We repeated these tricks again and again, Vasya calmly looked for the necessary parts and helped the boys collect Lego. Here is such an amazing Vasya!